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微软Office 365为多伦多律师事务所

Tektonic provides support and services on 微软Office 365 for Toronto’s law firms and law offices. 呼叫w88体育官网立即支援.

微软Office 365为多伦多律师事务所带来的好处

Continuous innovations in cloud computing and serverless technologies have paved the way for the growth of businesses across various industries. 在未来的岁月里, cloud computing will become almost ubiquitous among law firms of all sizes as the practice of law transitions to a modern approach that prizes efficiency, 缓解, 客户机友好实践. Firms that embrace serverless legal technologies sooner will position themselves ahead of their competitors.

云计算, 尤其是微软Office 365, has gradually become the go-to tool for accomplishing daily tasks for Toronto law firms. It optimizes the day-to-day operations within the law firm and helps legal teams better attend to clients’ needs. 它提供了安全的, 具有远程可访问性更可靠的优点, 非常高效。, 以及协同工作流程——通常成本更低.

传统上, servers have been required to share files and transfer email among multiple users on a local network, but 微软Office 365 has come along and replaced these traditional server functions for a low monthly subscription. 微软Office 365 is also easier to set up and use than older, on-premise legal software.

微软Office 365是什么?

微软Office 365是微软最强大的软件套件, 具有增强的功能和灵活的许可. 微软Office 365 expands upon the original 微软 Office desktop productivity suite to include full, 企业级云应用程序,如Word, 前景, OneDrive, 组. Forms, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Bookings, MyAnalytics, Teams, and Flow. 它不断更新以保持其可用性和相关性, so you can be sure that you’ll always have the right tools to keep your law firm up and running.


微软’s suite of business tools is a great way to move away from cumbersome paper files and in非常高效。 processes. 当您需要您的技术来降低间接成本时, 提高生产效率, 并最终增加计费工时和盈利能力, 微软Office 365可以帮助你实现这些目标.

1.     提高协作和生产力

法律 professionals have to spend time working outside the office and with the current work-from-home trend, having a tool that enables easy access to relevant information and applications on the go is the key to a productive workforce. 因为微软Office 365运行在微软的数据中心, you and your staff will be able to access your files and applications from virtually anywhere, 在任何设备上,包括个人电脑, Mac, 平板电脑, 和大多数移动设备, 只要你能上网.

微软Office 365 also enhances collaboration by enabling team members to share data and documents, 在项目和任务上合作, 协调法律事务. 所有主要生产力应用程序的基于web的版本, 例如Word和Excel, 现在团队可以实时地共同编写相同的文档.

您还可以使用SharePoint Online来创建私有团队门户, which act as centralized hubs for your team to access information such as case files, 客户端通信, 和更多的. 更重要的是,微软保证99.9% uptime, so you never have to worry about downtime affecting your firm’s productivity.

2.     更好的文档管理

贵公司需要安全高效的文件存储和管理. 从电子邮件, 合同, Word文档, Excel工作簿, 和更多的, 微软Office 365 can safely secure your documents within the application. Some of the 微软Office 365 storage tools you can use include SharePoint, OneDrive, 交换, 前景, 和权力Bi.

3.     增强的安全性和遵从性

法律 professionals constantly handle sensitive data that attracts hackers and malicious insiders. Every security breach leads to reputational losses, remediation costs, and penalties. 这取决于你的专业, 你的律师事务所可能会处理各种类型的敏感客户信息, 包括个人, 金融, 和医疗数据.

微软 365 has built-in security features that protect your data against various threats such as malware, 网络钓鱼, 和垃圾邮件. 使用版本控制等安全特性, 权限, 和记录管理, you can ensure that all of your documents are correctly stored and accessed.

微软安全评分, 你可以评估你的安全状况,获得能见度, 的见解, 和指导,以最大化您的安全. 微软Office 365 is also compliant with global privacy laws and various regional regulations, 比如加拿大的PIPEDA, GDPR在欧洲, ISO 27001, 以及美国的HIPAA.

4.     降低成本

简单地说,云计算为您省钱. 在本地设置中, a law firm would incur high costs in acquiring and maintaining in-house software solutions and data centre infrastructure. 除了, 随着新技术的出现, 已经部署的IT资产可能会过时, 需要全面升级. These costs can add up fast, draining the 金融 capabilities of most law firms. Since cloud computing doesn’t involve any hardware investment, there’s essentially no overhead.

此外,云计算通常没有任何长期合同. 使用微软Office 365, you enjoy a subscription-based payment model that allows you to only pay for what you need. 微软管理所有补丁, 升级, 以及新功能的添加, 所以你只需要迁移一次, 因为升级包含在许可证的成本中, 你不需要处理意外的或额外的费用.

Tektonic的微软Office 365服务

在Tektonic, we provide 微软Office 365 services to law firms in Toronto designed to help transform your workforce into a high-performing team. Our 微软-certified specialists handle everything from setup to migration and training and will help you transition seamlessly to this incredible productivity suite. w88体育官网配合您的范围和要求进行全面的设计和执行, phased 微软 365 migration plan that ensures minimal disruption to your business operations and no data loss.

w88体育官网的微软Office 365迁移方法包括:

  • 与业务一致的云迁移策略
  • 采用了最佳的体系结构,以确保无缝迁移
  • 优化整个应用程序组合
  • Portfolio migration of customer accounts from legacy systems to 微软Office 365-based mailboxes

We also provide ongoing support to help you harness the full potential of this powerful cloud computing software and make sure you become as productive and 非常高效。 as possible. w88体育官网的服务是可扩展的, 当你的需求改变时, we can add new users to your plan and assist with configuring and setting up new file systems. Our partnership with 微软 helps ensure that we stay informed about new 微软Office 365 features and enhancements so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

If you need help with the management of your information technology systems at your Toronto law firm, 今天w88体育官网 安排咨询.

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